Наименование: First BIT Technologies
Город: Москва
Сфера деятельности: ИТ-компания
Численность сотрудников: 41
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О компании

Our multicultural branch of First BIT company provides IT solutions for international market. Started from 2 people in 2013, now our team consists 41 highest level employee from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Philippines, India and Egypt. Location - Dubai, UAE.
Solutions for automation (www.FirstBIT.ae, http://accounting-software.ae/):
FirstBIT Accounting: Light and easy to start solution for basic accounting purposes in core functionality and add-ons.
FirstBIT ERP: We manage all your finance information in one solution. Complete set of accounting ERP tools for your assets, equity and liabilities.
Our team - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTg7UdwL-vw&feature=youtu.be